Celebs That Need a Comeback

March 3, 2012 By:
Celebs That Need a Comeback

Several Celebrities have managed to pull insane comebacks this year. Charlie Sheen went from the laughing stock of Hollywood to landing his own show, “Anger Management.” Chris Brown beat up Rihanna in 2009 and now is back to winning Grammys and making music with Rihanna herself. However, there are some former A-Listers who have fallen off the horse, been forgotten, or gotten lost along the way and need a comeback real bad.

These are the celebs that need a comeback.

Lindsay Lohan: Lindsay finally booked an acting gig (appearing as Liz Taylor in the Liz Taylor biopic) but it’s not a “real” movie, it’s a TV movie for the Lifetime Channel, so Lindsay is STILL in dire need of a comeback. According to Judge Sautner she’s doing really which means she’s doing really well at not getting arrested. Watching Lindsay parade around the courthouse and the occasional low-rent red carpet event is making me really depressed, like watching a hairless cat lick milk from a dirty floor. Someone cast this girl in a straight-to-DVD horror flick or something, please!

Megan Fox: Ever since Megan Fox got booted from the Transformers franchise she’s had an impossible time getting another acting gig. The only time she makes headlines is when she’s wearing a bikini. I don’t know why she can’t get any work, She’s still hot. She didn’t get arrested. She doesn’t do drugs (that we know of). Last we heard she was trying to steal the Liz Taylor role from Lindsay Lohan, which is just so sad to see two former A-Lister fighting over the same part in a TV movie. I’m surprised the CW doesn’t want her? I’m sure there’s a part on “Gossip Girl” for her? Right?

Winona Ryder: Is there any hope for Winona Ryder? Probably not. Ever since her shoplifting incident she’s dabbled in a few acting roles, but she’s nowhere near her “pre-shoplifting” fame. Can you believe the shoplifting arrest was in 2001? Suri Cruise wasn’t even born yet! Woah. Perspective.

Wilmer Valderrama: Wilmer Valderrama doesn’t necessarily NEED a comeback because he still gets little acting roles here and there, but he definitely needs to re-hab his image. After he was no longer “that guy from ‘That 70’s Show’” he became “that guy that’s dating Demi Lovato.” So yeah, the dude needs a comeback.

Miley Cyrus: What is Miley Cyrus doing besides going down on penis cakes and smoking weed? She’s not putting out a new album, that’s for sure, and quite frankly, we don’t really want her to. She’s not acting much. She has a movie coming out called “LOL” but it’s probably just like a really long youtube video. I think Miley’s fallen victim to the post-Disney trap and needs a comeback bad! Just don’t do Playboy, please for the public’s sake, don’t do it just because Lindsay Lohan did.

Britney Spears: Ok so she’s getting married and busy being happily in love, but what happened to her career. She may have gone on the Femme Fatale tour for a year but can one of you honestly say she was performing to standards of “classic Britney Spears?” No, not at all. Girl needs to get to Barry’s Boot Camp and perform the hell out of a new album and prove that the Princess of Pop hasn’t gone anywhere.

Tara Reid: This girl has needed a comeback since the day they wrapped filming on “American Pie.” She used to be an actress, then she was a professional partier, then she surfaced late last year when she got a random surprise wedding? There’s gotta be a reality show for her to book… The Apprentice? Jersey Shore? Bad Girls Club?