Celebrity Dentist: Lindsay Lohan's Teeth Decayed From Drug Damage

October 14, 2011 By:
Celebrity Dentist: Lindsay Lohan's Teeth Decayed From Drug Damage

Not exactly a huge surprise, but it’s always nice to have the confirmation of a professional.

Lindsay Lohan showed up on the red carpet to promote the THQ launch of the Saints Row: The Third video game on Wednesday in Los Angeles. And she kind of stole the show. Or at least, her teeth did.

Everyone noticed that Lohan’s pearly whites had turned into rusty browns. Now, celebrity dentist Dr. Pankaj Singh, of Arch Dental Associates in NYC confirms “this type of damage appears to be from a combination of smoking, drug use and lack of personal care.”

You know when something is really funny at first, but then it gets real, and it suddenly takes a depressing turn and you can’t laugh anymore? Like when Charlie Sheen produced Sheen’s Korner or when Octomom revealed photos of her pregnant stomach? Well, that is exactly what’s happening with Lindsay Lohan.

Dr. Singh continued:

“Smoking causes yellowing of the teeth, which we definitely see here in this picture. However, at such a young age, smoking wouldn’t cause the decay and browning you see around the gums. Damage like that is something we see in patients who are using or have used drugs.”

This really sucks for Lindsay, because if anything, she always had her beauty. Now, she looks like a before picture.

Take a cue, kids. Stay off of drugs. It’s taken the teeth of many a beautiful celeb. (Not to mention, it can kill you).

Charlie Sheen, notorious partier, now has half a mouthful of gold teeth. One of his porn star buddies, Kacey Johnson, claims it’s from heavy drug use.

“All of his teeth have fallen out from partying,” Johnson told E! News. “Most of his teeth were gold," Jordan added. "He wouldn't say why, but we all know it's probably because they've fallen out from the drug use."

And Pete Doherty’s teeth were so damaged from drug abuse; girlfriend Kate Moss reportedly invested $10,000 in correcting them. Although I guess he never took her up on that offer. But hers haven’t been looking so good either.

In recent years, the effects of Nicotine appear to have taken their toll on the supermodel’s teeth, too—turning them into a shade of brownish yellow. Good thing she just pouts all the time.

I always had a little glimmer of hope for Lindsay, but this isn’t looking good.