Caught on Camera: Graphic Photos of Lindsay With Heroin

September 26, 2010 By:
Caught on Camera: Graphic Photos of Lindsay With Heroin

Fresh out of jail, Lindsay Lohan has already had a week from hell, and this isn't going to help her image!

X17online has obtained graphic photos of Lindsay Lohan with drug syringes that were taken at a party back in 2007.

It is uncertain whether Lindsay was actually injecting crystal meth or heroin or simply posing with an empty syringe for a series of sick photos, but either way, the judge won't be too happy when he sees these.

The Daily Mail UK claims Lindsay was doing drugs at the party. She made a "tourniquet around her arm before using a syringe to 'inject herself' with a substance into her left arm," the UK tabloid reports.

Also featured in the pictures is fellow party girl Paris Hilton. In one of the photos you can see Lindsay and Paris kissing. It must have been one hell of a party!

Sources close to Lindsay's camp say she's preparing to head back to rehab--for the fifth time--but this time it'll be more intensive inpatient rehab. Sadly if she doesn't get help soon, she'll end up becoming another Hollywood tragedy.