Cameras Banned from Lindsay's Court Hearing

September 23, 2010 By:
Cameras Banned from Lindsay's Court Hearing

Lindsay Lohan will learn her fate tomorrow on whether or not she’ll be going back to jail. But unfortunately we won’t be able to see it all go down live.

According to, it was Judge Fox’s decision.

The judge has denied media requests to have a camera in the courtroom during Friday’s hearing, preventing a live shot of Lohan’s reaction when the ruling is handed down.

Pat Kelly, spokesperson for Los Angeles Superior Court, said in a statement, “It's my understanding that Judge Fox has denied cameras in the courtroom for Ms. Lohan's hearing tomorrow."

As you may recall, Judge Marsha Revel did allow cameras into Lindsay’s last hearing, and one zoomed in to reveal Lindsay’s nails that read: “F**k U.”

Lohan faces another 30 days in jail and possible rehab tomorrow…stay tuned!

UPDATE: Sources say it's likely Lindsay will avoid jail time tomorrow, and she'll get off on a technicality.

According to TMZ, if Judge Fox remands Lindsay into custody he must set bail, because the underlying offenses are all misdemeanors.

In that case, a bail bondsman will likely be in the court to post bail right away so that Lindsay will not be sent to jail.

When the probation violation hearing is held next month, it's likely Judge Fox will sentence Lindsay to 30 days in jail based on the failed drug test for cocaine. But because of overcrowding she would probably be released after a couple of hours.