Buckle Up! Lindsay Hits the Road

December 8, 2010 By:
Buckle Up! Lindsay Hits the Road

Everyone buckle up real good now, because Lindsay Lohan is officially back on the road again. TMZ obtained pics of proof that Lindsay is back behind the wheel of a car.

She was photographed yesterday in a sweet BMW convertible in Rancho Mirage, CA near the Betty Ford clinic.

It’s not her actual ride—this is just her loaner car while her Mercedes gets fixed up in the shop. Yep—the Mercedes her daddy gave to her for being such a good girl.

Dina Is Not Going to be Happy About This One!

Lindsay is reportedly free to joy ride to her heart’s content, as long as she stays sober. Does anyone else see a pattern here? How many times has she gotten her license back, only to then get caught either drunk or high or both?

Regular people get their licenses take away for months—sometimes years for multiple offenses. But not Linds! She’s apparently deserving of these privileges!

So buckle up, everyone! Especially those of you in the Palm Springs area…