Braxton Pope On Lindsay Lohan: We're Negotiating Her Deal Now

June 14, 2012 By:
Braxton Pope On Lindsay Lohan: We're Negotiating Her Deal Now

Lindsay Lohan has just been offered a new acting gig, starring in the sexy new thriller The Canyons about 20-somethings living in Hollywood. The flick is being directed by Paul Schrader, the same guy who wrote Taxi Driver and Raging Bull.

Although it's great to see that the starlet isn't struggling for work, Hollyscoop has learned that this may not be the next project for the actress. According to The Canyons producer Braxton Pope, Lindsay hasn’t signed off on the part just yet because there are some issues with the film featuring nudity.

“We are negotiating her deal now,” Pope tells Hollyscoop exclusively, “Sexuality is an essential component of the story…there is nudity in the script but it is all about the director's sensibility…while also ensuring that the actors are comfortable portraying the scenes. I am sure that the continuing dialogue between [director] Schrader and Lindsay will resolve any issues if there even are any.”

It’s strange that Lindsay would have any issues stripping down for a movie, because she bared all for Playboy.

Braxton also admits that the production had some initial concerns given Lindsay's track record but they were addressed before negotiations began with the actress.

“Of course,” says Braxton, “As a producer you have to plan for and anticipate all the eventualities. Her controversies are well documented and we discussed them directly with her. Reliability is critically important in all your actors and key crew.”

However, Braxton admits that Lindsay’s natural talent outweighed any fears they had about her “reliability.”

“Lindsay is an actor that has the native ability and charisma that makes her compelling,” adds Braxton, “She is someone that I’ve wanted to work with before but different things in her life have prevented her from being accessible in a consistent way.”

Lindsay is set to play lead character “Tara” and will appear opposite actor James Deen, who has previously appeared in pornographic films.

“She came in apart from Deen, and Schrader worked with her. We filmed it and she was quite convincing. I’ve never felt her talent was in question,” says the producer.

However, Braxton warns, “She needs to maintain a focus and consistency in approach and have a balance in her private life to pursue life as an actor, if that is what she wants.”

Lindsay appearing nude AND starring opposite a porn star? This is shaping up to be a very interesting movie.

The Canyons begins filming next month and is expected to premiere at film festivals early next year.