Top 10 Scandals of 2012

December 28, 2012 By:
Top 10 Scandals of 2012

Well it’s happened again, readers. Another whole year of keeping up with all the shenanigans of the entertainment news realm has come and gone. 

While there were plenty of headlines and juicy gossip to keep us busy throughout 2012, some stories held our attention a little longer than others.

Here’s a rundown of some of the BIGGEST scandals of the year.

Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes Divorce: When Katie Holmes surprise-filed for divorce this summer, it not only stopped the presses, it nearly stopped Tom Cruise’s heartbeat. A-listers, secret motives, and the looming presence of Scientology—all the makings for a major story that kept us interested for weeks!

John Travolta’s Multiple Masseur Sex Scandal: The Pulp Fiction actor had a bit of a tough year. It all started when a story came to light that Travolta reportedly tried to play “Tickle My Pickle” with a bunch of male masseurs and a cruise ship employee. Gay rumors started, John Doe’s surfaced, lawyers got involved... It was a major mess.

Prince Harry in Vegas: Who could ever forget the photo of Harry LOSING in a game of strip billiards that was plastered all over the Internet? Certainly not Harry, and probably not the queen, either. 

Kate Middleton's Nude Photo Scandal in France: Shortly after Harry’s birthday suit shot hit the web, photos of Kate top and bottomless while catching some sunrays at a French chateau leaked…Kate took legal action and shut that nonsense down almost instantly.

Elmo’s Man-Hand Signs Off: Kevin Clash, the puppet master behind Sesame Street’s iconic muppet Elmo, left the franchise when a series of reported sex scandals with underage male companions hit headlines. Despite how hard he tried to disprove the rumors, his reputation proved too tarnished to overcome. 

DJ Prank Nurse Turned Nurse Suicide: Australian DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian called a London hospital where Kate Middleton was receiving care, pretending to be the queen and Prince Charles. Nurse Jacintha Saldanha fell for the stunt and shortly afterward committed suicide. Not a happy day…

Amanda Bynes’ Downward Spiral: Amanda had us thinking she was turning into the next Lindsay Lohan, but it turns out she was just straight up losing her mind. Two hit-and-runs, a DUI, having her Beemer ceased, and a dressing room meltdown… All in one year!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Son: The Governator’s affair with housekeeper Mildred Baena was a big deal in October around the time his book, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story, hit stands. Among the things that came to our attention at that time is that he didn’t recognize his son as his own until he was eight-years-old. Arnie said he “started looking like me.”

KStew Cheating: Remember all the way back to this summer when KStew and Rupert Sanders were snapped smooching it out in the back of her Mini Coop? They issued public apologies, Rob Pattinson moved out, and all our Twi-hardons went limp? Yeah, us too…

The Ongoing Tribulations of Lindsay Lohan: She crashed her Porsche on the PCH, (reportedly) punched a number clubgoers, stowed away in The Wanted’s tour bus, got arrested multiple times, passed out “tired” in her hotel room, and made a crappy Lifetime movie—Falling into obscurity like a boss!