Best Twitter Reactions to Lindsay Lohan in 'Liz & Dick'

January 24, 2013 By:
Best Twitter Reactions to Lindsay Lohan in 'Liz & Dick'

So Lindsay Lohan made her return to cinematic glory last night in “Liz & Dick,” on Lifetime...Oh what’s that? It wasn’t cinematic or glorious? Oh, it was really really really bad? Good to know.

After journalists saw advance screeners of “Liz and Dick” and essentially tore it apart in various online reviews last week, the rest of the public finally got to experience Lindsay’s acting comeback.

Apparently the entire world was watching and live-tweeting this movie last night and according to you, the general public, Lindsay Lohan did a less-than-stellar job playing Elizabeth Taylor in the flick. And by less-than-stellar, I mean, pretty terrible. From the non-consistent British accent, to an appearance from the guy from Creed, to the fact that this was a FREAKING LIFETIME MOVIE, it was all pretty laughably bad.

Before we get into the best Twitter reactions to the movie, let’s let someone from Team Lohan defend her honor.

Michael Lohan tells Hollyscoop, “Regardless of what some of these so-called critics say, Lindsay proved that she is an amazing actress! She still has what it takes to be the Lindsay Lohan that is one of Hollywood’s top actresses!”

Ok, now that that’s out of the way.

Chrissy Teigen, aka John Legend’s supermodel fiancé wrote, “Lindsay Lohan had a better British accent in the parent trap and that is not a joke.”

Comedian Patton Oswald tweeted, “’We’re next.’ – Ben Affleck and J-Lo, texting each other. #lizanddick.”

Writer Jenni Konner wrote, “Who is supposed to be British? #LizandDick”

Random Twitter user Louis Virtel wrote, “We can agree that Lindsay Lohan did a fine job as Liza Minneli as David Gest as Liz Taylor-Snooki. #LizAndDick.”

Writer Richard Lawson wrote, “Liz and Dick was mostly a way for Lindsay Lohan to get paid to smoke cigarettes.”

He also tweeted, “Coming to Lifetime in 2028, Willow Smith as Rihanna in “Chris & RiRi.”

Random Twitter fan Melanie Ann Rose wrote, “Let me think of something nice to say…I like her contacts? Yea, I like her eye contacts. #violeteyes #lizanddick”

Director Adam Shankman wrote, “They r doing a marvelous job of making one of the greatest actresses of all time out to be one of the world people of all time. #LizandDick.”

Another random fan wrote, “Oh! I get it! Lindsay must have traded places with her long-lost American twin who has no acting ability. #TheParentTrap #LizAndDick.”

NYC nightclub The Bowery Boys twitter feed wrote, “A plain white screen rolling the text of Elizabeth Taylor’s Wikipedia entry would be more compelling. #LizAndDick.”

Twitter user Anna Gustafson wrote, “I bet this is what Tori & Dean are really like #LizAndDick.”

Kelli Porterfield wrote, “The sound on my TV just went off. Normally I’d be upset, but I kind of want it to stay that way #lizanddick.”

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