Back To Work For Lindsay

June 5, 2008 By:
Back To Work For Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan is going to have to take a break from accompanying Samantha Ronson to all her DJ gigs because she has a set to report to! Lindsay has scored a role in the movie Labor Pains which begins filming next week.

Lilo will play an assistant who works in a stuffy publishing house and pretends to be pregnant in a desperate attempt to keep her nasty boss from firing her.  Sounds scandalous! Her co-stars are Chris Parnell, Cheryl Hines and Luke Kirby.

Lindsay tells Variety she loved the script for Labor Pains, and said, "It is a very different role for me, and I look forward to the challenges it will present, and I love working on comedies."

Let just hope she shows up on time for work every day!