Avenue Lounge Boss Bans Celebrity Tweeting at Avenue

June 18, 2009 By:
Avenue Lounge Boss Bans Celebrity Tweeting at Avenue

This is a warning to celebrities, especially Lindsay Lohan! You are not allowed to use Twitter while at Avenue lounge in NYC.

Yesterday there was a lot of drama involving Lindsay Lohan and Justin Timberlake.

Lindsay had tweeted and uploaded a pic stating,
"So dark - where's jb cheater?"

The tweet basically called out Justin Timberlake for looking cozy with another woman while at the lounge. Jessica Biel is definitely not gonna be happy about that one!

Lohan of course is denying she posted any such thing and claims that her Twitter account was hacked again.

She writes, "I would not discuss my personal life, let alone someone else's, on the Internet!"

Umm, it's funny because if you go on Lindsay's Twitter page, it's all about her personal life. She acts like she wants privacy and hates the media, but she feeds off of the attention.

This is just another case of Lindsay playing the victim and placing blame on others.

The club bosses are so angry about this whole incident that they've issued a strict warning to all celebrities who use Twitter: "Celebrities that twitter about other celebrities will no longer be welcome at Avenue."