Ana Ortiz Talks About Lindsay And Samantha's Relationship

July 29, 2008 By:
Ana Ortiz Talks About Lindsay And Samantha's Relationship

Ana Ortiz from 'Ugly Betty' is talking about what it was like while working with Lindsay Lohan and having Samantha Ronson on set.

She says, "Sam came and visited, and she was great.
She just hung out with us, just palled around with us and watched the goings on. They seem to have a really nice trust with one another."

As for the two girls' interactions, she says, "I didn't see a lot of their interaction. Sam just sort of watched the scene and then they would go back to hair and makeup or to her trailer or to lunch. But no, they definitely seem to have a really nice, comfortable relationship where there's a lot of trust. That's hard to find."

And as for Lindsay fitting in with the rest of the Ugly Betty cast, Ana says, "I think at first she was probably a little bit shy," Ortiz says.

"It's hard to walk into a whole new group of people that you don't know but luckily her first scene with us was a food fight, so she got to throw bagels and chicken and pizza. "She really got what our show is about and she really fell into the energy with us."