Aaron Carter: Send Lindsay to Jail!

May 25, 2010 By:
Aaron Carter: Send Lindsay to Jail!

Aaron Carter is no goodie two shoes, but the former wild child is speaking out about his ex girlfriend Lindsay Lohan's legal woos and why he thinks she deserves jail time.

When asked about Lindsay's downward spiral Aaron said he was hoping the judge was throw her in jail so she could finally learn her lesson.

Lindsay Lohan Proves She's a Liar

"It hurts me to see that. I hope she can really learn something from this. They are going to make an example of you now, Lindsay, and you deserve it," Carter said.

He added, "You don't get in the car with two people and go chasing after your assistant going a hundred miles an hour down PCH."

And what he said next is sure to infuriate Lindsay. "Michael Lohan is a very good man. He was thrown under the bus very bad by that family. It takes a man to keep a family strong sometimes. I would go and find her dad. I wouldn't even care about finding her mother."

We never thought we say this but we agree 100% with Aaron. Check out his interview with CNN below...