Lindsay Does 7:30AM Walk of Shame After Warrant is Issued

May 21, 2010 By:
Lindsay Does 7:30AM Walk of Shame After Warrant is Issued

Lindsay Lohan was snapped in a photo last night that may get her into even more trouble than she’s already in.

There were pics of Lindsay partying on a yacht in Cannes last night uploaded on Twitter, posing right next to what appears to be lines of cocaine.

Lindsay Posts Bail; Avoids Jail

It doesn’t surprise us that Lindsay didn’t let a little arrest warrant get in the way of her party schedule! Most people would be humbled and embarrassed by a judge issuing a warrant for their arrest because they just couldn’t make it to court on time for the umteenth time. But Lindsay, as usual, feels that she’s entitled to go out every night of the week looking like a mess.

Last night was similar to most of her nights out in Cannes this week, but this time she stayed out until a record 7:30AM! She didn’t even start her real partying until 4AM—she showed up to Russell Crowe’s Artists for Peace & Justice event—but obviously all the real adults had already left.

Lindsay reportedly jumped on a yacht next, where she partied til the sun came up with an unknown guy, who tried to shield her face from the cameras after disembarking. The unknown told TMZ that he and Lindsay were only out so late because they got stranded since someone took their car. He also said the only reason Lindsay went out was because it was his birthday. The excuses are unbelievable!!!

Michael: I Didn't Have Someone Steal Lindsay's Passport!

So the question remains: will Lindsay make it back to LA in time for her court appearance on Monday at 8:30AM? We’ll see! In true Lindsay fashion, she’s waiting til the last minute--According to reports, she’s not booked on a flight out of Cannes until Saturday, and that she’s still asking around for someone to lend her their private jet to get back.

Knowing the judge on Lindsay’s case, she probably already saw the pictures from last night. We know Lindsay won’t be arrested now that someone made bail for her, but we still hope the judge orders to have a scram device put on her.