Linda Hogan a Child

July 26, 2010 By:
Linda Hogan a Child

Hulk Hogan's 50 year-old hot mess ex wife Linda is engaged to be married to her 21 year-old boyfriend Charlie Hill.

Linda Hogan's fiancé was good friends with her son before the two hooked up. The two started dating when Charlie was only 19-years old. It's one thing being a cougar, but this is just straight up creepy.

Linda and Hulk's divorce was finalized back in 2009, but their kids never seemed to get over the fact that their mom was dating someone their age.

And neither did Hulk! Last year he told Rolling Stone: "You live half a mile from the 20,000-square-foot home you can't go to anymore, you're driving through downtown Clearwater [Florida] and see a 19-year-old boy driving your Escalade, and you know that a 19-year-old boy is sleeping in your bed, with your wife ... I totally understand O.J. I could have turned everything into a crime scene like O.J., cutting everybody's throat."

Brooke Hogan was also verbal about how she disapproved of her mom’s romance. Back in 2008, she told E! satellite radio that she was "totally freaked out" by her mother's new romance.

"I personally don't like it at all or condone it, but she's my mom, so I have to show her support. I went to school with him. He was a grade under me. Me and Nick know him well."

This is just so disgusting! Can't wait to see how this all turns out.