Lily Tomlin to Get Desperate Housewives Spin-Off?

May 12, 2009 By:
Lily Tomlin to Get  Desperate Housewives Spin-Off?

We may be looking at the new and improved Golden Girls! Lily Tomlin and Kathyrn Joosten may be getting their own Desperate Housewives spin-off show. Tomlin and Joosten play sisters Roberta and Karen McCluskey on the ABC hit show, and producers love them so much they’d like to see more.

According to The New York Post, Lily and Kathryn are in talks to get their own show about four older women who live together in Miami. Hmmm, sounds awfully reminiscent of GG! (And no, that’s not short for Gossip Girl.)

A production source says ABC hopes to get Desperate creator Marc Cherry involved: “Cherry clearly knows how to write for these two actresses. And we would love to have him involved.”

We think this is a great idea. It’s the era of the comebacks and remakes. 90210 and Melrose Place have comeback, so why not a show for the more mature audience? Plus, Lily Tomlin is a hit in every project she’s part of, so we’re all for this remake!