Lily Allen's Suicide Claim

January 14, 2009 By:
Lily Allen's Suicide Claim

Lily Allen may be a super successful British singer now, but back when she was 18, she was struggling with her demons and reportedly attempted suicide.

Lily's half sister Sarah Owen, 29, who shares the same mother as Allen, told Grazia magazine that Lily tried to out herself by slitting her wrists.

"Aged 18, she tried to slit her wrists when her first relationship ended and she ended up in The Priory rehab clinic for four weeks," Owen said.

"I had a big gang of friends but Lily was more of a loner," she said. "She had no one to talk to about getting her first period or breaking up with her first boyfriend. Would it have been different if we'd been closer? Probably."

She continued: "My relationship with Lily back then was strained - I was a crazy teenager, and that must have affected Lily."

The fact that you just told the entire world that she once committed suicide is probably going to affect her too. The things people do for money. Wonder how much she got paid for this interview? Lily should give her "half-sister" a full beat down for this one.