Lily Allen's New Older Boyfriend Revealed

January 2, 2009 By:
Lily Allen's New Older Boyfriend Revealed

Lily Allen has something new to smile about--a new man. A man who is technically old enough to be her father, but who's keeping track.

Allen was spotted vacationing in St. Barts with 45-year old art mogul Jay Jopling. Who is her new mystery man? He's a millionaire art dealer, who separated from his wife of 11 years last September. What better way to get over your marriage than to have a fling with a 23 year old pop star?

Jopling, who also owns White Cube gallery and Allen were photographed sucking face on a yacht right off of St. Barts. They were practically all over each other and at one point Allen was on top Jopling...looking very cozy.

Before their very public outing, Lily and Jopling were spending a lot of time together over at his London home. The couple was first photographed together at the premiere for film Flashbacks of A Fool in April last year, but she had managed to keep his identity a secret--until now that is.

So what's a 23 year old doing with a 45 year old? It's not for the money, that much we're sure of. Lily's choice of an older man is actually not surprising, her last two boyfriends were over 30.

Maybe she figured they weren't mature enough for her? Whatever the case is, we'll be keeping a close eye on these two. Do you think it's the real deal or will their fling fizzle out after their vacation?