Lily Allen Up For TV Role In Dr. Who

January 6, 2009 By:
Lily Allen Up For TV Role In Dr. Who

Lily Allen may be adding television star to her resume. She’s reportedly up for a role in the British series Dr. Who on BBC, which is the longest running Science Fiction TV series in the world.

Lily is in contention for the leading role of Who’s assistant when the show comes back to television in 2010.

The show’s executive producer Piers Wenger has even hinted that he’d love to see Allen join the show.

He tells the Daily Telegraph, "We would never cast anyone on the basis of their celebrity, but if Lily wanted to audition we would be delighted. It would be a lot of fun."

Other stars who are reportedly being considered for the role include actress/model Kelly Brook and British singer Rachel Stevens.

Do you think Lily should do it? This would be a big career move for her. This isn’t just some little show. It’s watched by a ton of people, and she wouldn’t have as much time to focus on her singing. What do you think about Lily possible landing the role as the assistant?