Lily Allen Retires from Music Industry

September 24, 2009 By:
Lily Allen Retires from Music Industry

Lily Allen made a big announcement via her official blog: she's quitting music!

In a new blog post, entitled, 'Not Alright', Lily says she has no plans to release another album or tour again because she's not making any money as a musician.

She wrote: “Just so you know, I have not renegotiated my record contract and have no plans to make another record. I do however remain a fan of new music, so this is not some selfish crusade.

“The days of me making money from recording music has been and gone as far as I’m concerned, so I don’t stand to profit from legislation. Except future purchases of previously recorded material.”

So what's she going to do now that she's no longer a "musician?" She's going to focus on theater. She's set to star in "Reasons to be Pretty," which follows a group of working-class people who are bored with their lives.

"The play is about themes close to my heart, about the really damaging cult of beauty among young girls," she said.

This really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. She hinted that she was going to retire from music earlier this month when she wrote, "I finish up my dates in March and I'll be ready to do something else. I've been on the road for four years and I've given my voice a real run for its money. I'm struggling, so I'm going to try something new."

We actually liked Lily's music. It's a shame that musicians won’t release albums anymore because they simply don't profit enough from them.