Lily Allen Punches A Girl After Too Many Drinks

August 19, 2008 By:
Lily Allen Punches A Girl After Too Many Drinks

Lily Allen clearly took a page out of Amy Winehouse's book last night when she punched a random girl in the face outside a club in London.

Lily and a friend went out for drinks at The Groucho Club and then Ronnie Scott's in Soho. When they were leaving the bar a female passer-by called her a "f**king a**ehole."

Lily retaliated, and shouted: "Yeah, come and say that to my face you f**king c**t. Where is that b**ch man? I'll f***ing batter her."

Then Lily walked up to the woman, punching her several times in the back of the head, before adding: "Violence is bad."

These girls give the term 'anger management issues' a new name. What's with all the rage? Sure the other girl provoked the fight, but now Lily is going to get slapped with a major lawsuit. You're a celebrity, it comes with the territory, not everyone is going to love you. Sometimes you just have to take the high road when someone calls you names.

You can check out the video of the brawl HERE.