Lily Allen Knows How To Party!

June 4, 2008 By:
Lily Allen Knows How To Party!

Now that's a sign of a REALLY good time! By the looks of things, Lily Allen had a great time at Glamour magazine's Women Of The Year Awards where she picked up the Editor's Special Award and probably a really bad hangover.

Lily was so messed up that she had to be carried out of the event by one of the security guards. The good news is that she managed to hold on tight to the award she won.

It’s safe to say that Lily is a bit embarrassed by these pictures and decided to write a Myspace
apologizing for her behavior and telling all the kids not to drink. Umm, great advice Lily?!? Maybe you should take your own advice? Just a thought.

Read the blog below:

Oh dear

Last time i wrote here , I was defending my honor and dignity , explaining my innocence and also outrage at the press for insinuating my behaviour was embarrassing. This time i'm putting my hands up , i got very drunk last night , too drunk. It's not cool getting that drunk , i feel awful and I have to thank my little brother alf for getting me home safely. ?Kids , drink responsibly or you'll end up looking like this , not pretty ! Was quite fun though , from what i can remember. need fry up now .