Lily Allen Calls Victoria Beckham a Monster

May 7, 2009 By:
Lily Allen Calls Victoria Beckham a Monster

Oh oh, Lily Allen's claws are out again! Who's her latest victim? Victoria Beckham...and a few more "wags."

In a new interview with Metro, Lily calls Victoria a "monster" and blasts her fellow football players wives and girlfriends.

"The Beckhams are sickening. Everyone knows Victoria is a monster. I'd rather shoot myself between the eyes than be a WAG," said Lily.

And it didn't stop there. She went on to call Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole a "bitch. She represents everything I hate. She is stupid, superficial and as ugly outside as inside."

She didn't have nice words for her husband Ashley either. "He is the worst, he disgusts me. He jumps on everything that moves. I am not criticizing just to criticize, but I have met him several times. He is revolting,” said Lily.

Clearly Lily isn't a fan of footballers and their wives. “It's ridiculous, I hate it. Footballers aren't there to show off in London, but to play football. Mind you, they are probably too stupid to understand that. Especially the English ones,” she added.

Ouch! Someone sounds a little bitter. We love how outspoken Lily is, but blasting everyone under the sun is pretty childish. What are your thoughts on her rant?