Lily Allen Back to Booze

January 30, 2009 By:
Lily Allen Back to Booze

Well that lasted long enough! It was just last month where Lily Allen vowed to quit drinking because she felt like she had "become a character in a comic … and that character is always drunk!

The sober thing must have not worked out well because she has decided to start drinking again because it helps her perform better.

Allen says, "Yep, I am drinking again. Last night I had my first drink. There's no way I can get on stage without a drink. I think I'm funnier when I've had a few.

"I didn't find it difficult to stop drinking, I didn't even think about it. I haven't really needed a drink but now I'm on tour, it’s fun drinking sometimes."

Let's just hope she's able to tour while she's drinking because from what we remember, she was a bit of a mess on her last tour. She was always slurring words and forgetting lyrics.

She does admit however that some things are different. She says, "But some things have changed. I'm not drinking any cheap stuff now - only expensive wine will do this time. I've gone upmarket." Is that the drunk sense of humor she's talking about?

Lily has been all over the place recently because she has a new album to promote and we couldn't be more thrilled. Being huge Lily Allen fans, we're excited for the new album and we're hoping she stays sober long enough to tour the U.S.