Court Orders Paparazzi to Leave Lily Allen Alone

March 13, 2009 By:
Court Orders Paparazzi to Leave Lily Allen Alone

Lily Allen has just obtained an injunction from the High Court in London restraining all paparazzi from harassing her.

Just yesterday Lily was photographed throwing items including a water bottle at the paps who follow her around all the time. This isn’t Lily’s first run-in with the shutterbugs; back in June of 2007 she was arrested for punching a photog outside of a nightclub.

When yesterday’s events went down, we thought for a second that Lily may be heading back behind bars for assault. But it seems the tables have turned.

After the water bottle incident, Lily and her lawyer got together to handle things the right way. They took legal action.

In a statement, Lily’s lawyer Mark Thomson said, "My client has faced constant harassment over the last few months from the paparazzi. As a result of this and various incidents of harassment that took place yesterday, my client has now been forced to take legal action.”

The court hearing took place this afternoon and Lily was granted an injunction against two picture agencies. So at least she has that going for her.

However, this may piss off the paps, who are reportedly thinking of pressing charges. If that were to be the case, Lily would have to cancel her tour in the U.S. We don’t like the felons over here, right Amy Winehouse?