Lil Wayne's Drug Charges Dismissed

March 4, 2009 By:
Lil Wayne's Drug Charges Dismissed

Talk about a lucky break! Felony drug charges against Lil Wayne have been dropped after an Atlanta, Georgia judge granted the rapper's request to dismiss the case on the grounds of an illegal police search.

Lil Wayne was arrested back in August 2006 at the Twelve Hotel after Atlanta police claimed they had found bottles containing hydrocodone and Xanax, along with a small amount of marijuana in a room he was allegedly staying at.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson dismissed the charges on Tuesday after Lil Wayne's attorney, William Head, said his client wasn't staying in the room where the arrest was made. Yup, that's all it takes when you're a celebrity!

He may have gotten off the hook in Atlanta, but he is still facing drug charges in Arizona, stemming from a January 2008 arrest, and a weapons charge from a 2007 incident in New York.

Weezy is to appear in court again on April 20th to face criminal gun possession charges.