Lil Wayne's Bizarre Deposition Entertains the Masses

September 25, 2012 By:
Lil Wayne's Bizarre Deposition Entertains the Masses

It’s the best unintentionally funny caught on camera moment since Charlie Sheen’s “tiger blood.”

TMZ has posted the video from Lil Wayne's deposition, as Quincy Jones III’s lawyer, Pete Ross, questions the rapper about his criminal background.

Wayne is suing Q III for a "scandalous portrayal” of his image in a documentary. The film follows the rapper as he assembled his album The Carter III, released in 2008.

One clip captures the recording artist answering “I don’t recall” over and over to ever question he is presented with. Be it “Did you serve jail time?” or “Do you remember being arrested?” - and sometimes before Ross finishes asking - Lil Wayne resorts to ignorance.

Lucky for you, Hollyscoop does recall the slew of criminal activity that has plagued the rapper in recent years. Here’s a quick rundown of his arrests:

July, 2007: Following a concert in concert in New York City, Weezy was arrested after police searched his tour bus. He was charged with one count of criminal weapons possession and one charge of criminal possession of a loaded weapon.

October 2007: Lil Wayne was arrested in Boise, Idaho for possession of a controlled substance. Charges were later dropped.

January, 2008: Border patrol nabbed the rapper, this time discovering marijuana, cocaine, MDMA and tens of thousands of dollars in cash. He was sentenced later to three years’ probation.

December, 2009: Lil Wayne was caught by border patrol yet again. This time he and his crew of 11 were detained when marijuana was discovered in his two tour buses in Falfurrias, Texas.

When asked how he would describe his image in the media today, Lil Wayne answered simply, “I wouldn’t describe it.”

Ross continued to hammer on, asking “But what if you had to describe it?”

Unfortunately for the lawyer, Weezy’s got an answer for that too.

“I don’t,” he said.

Isn’t Lil Wayne supposed to be sober now? If this is Lil Wayne sober… Oh my, Jesus.

Check out how much Weezy doesn’t recall here!