Lil Wayne Heading to Court on Gun Charges

February 24, 2009 By:
Lil Wayne Heading to Court on Gun Charges

The court didn’t spare T.I., and now Lil Wayne may be the next hip-hop artist heading to the slammer.

Weezy is to appear in court on April 20th to face criminal gun possession charges.

He’ll be tried for one count of criminal weapons possession and one count of criminal possession of a loaded weapon.

Rapper Ja Rule was arrested on similar charges after a concert where both men performed. He pleaded not guilty, and his trial has not been set yet.

What’s with all these rapper thinking they’re above the law, and need guns? Not just that, but loaded guns!

Lil Wayne faces up to 15 years if he’s convicted. Imagine what a waste that would be. He’s such a talented artist and is throwing it all away because he still wants street cred.

We’ll have to wait until April to see this thing unfold. But based on the way T.I. was sentenced, we expect Weezy to be facing some sort of jail time.