Lil Wayne Goes Diva And Gets Outed From Fashion Rocks

September 9, 2008 By:
Lil Wayne Goes Diva And Gets Outed From Fashion Rocks

Despite the reports that Lil Wayne had to skip performing at Fashion Rocks, which taped Friday and airs tonight, the real story has just come out. He was supposed to close out the event at Radio City Music Hall, but what people might be surprised to find out is that he never even entered the building.

According to Page Six, Lil Wayne refused to enter the building on rehearsal day through the security, which was mandatory for every person, including the performers. He threatened to leave if he had to have his bag searched, and the Fashion Rocks execs turned him away.

After Weezy left, his managers called over and begged them to let him perform, and they told him to come at 7PM. The source tells Page Six, "The next thing you know, Wayne's people are saying, 'Can we do a bit later. He's not going to be ready.' We had a crew of 250 people waiting for him . . . Then he calls at, like, 9:30 and says, 'I'm five blocks away,' which is like 500 blocks away in New York traffic, so we just pulled the plug. It was just so disrespectful to the crew and to the 5,000 audience members. Unbelievable."

Yeah, Lil Wayne was disrespectful, but would we expect anything less from him? Even more disturbing is what the hell was in his bag that he refused to enter the building?!!