Lil Wayne Donates $200,000 to Rebuild Playground

January 13, 2009 By:
Lil Wayne Donates $200,000 to Rebuild Playground

Lil Wayne, real name Dwayne Carter III, is giving back to his community in a big way. The rapper just donated $200,000 to help rebuild the New Orleans, Louisiana playground he grew up in.

The playground was destroyed back in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit, and it has yet to be rebuild.

Lil Wayne handed over a the big check to officials in charge of Harrell Park on Sunday so they can start on restoring the playground for the kids in the community. "The word today and the word forever is 'kids,'" he said.

Lil Wayne may look like a tough guy on the outside, but he's a real softy on the inside. He spends a lot of money and donates a lot of time to his youth empowerment organization, One Family Foundation.

He tells Louisiana’s WWLTV, "You can't really tell them (kids) what to do these days. When you tell them what to do, that's when they get angry, when you tell them (to) be like me, because it's hard to be like me. So, the best thing you can tell them is try to do right."

Lil Wayne showed up to the familiar turf with an entourage that included Hornets star Chris Paul, who is paying for repairs at three other city parks.

It's always great to hear about public figures donating to their communities, especially if it enhances kids lives. Kudos to Lil Wayne and Chris Paul.