Court Fire Postpones Lil Wayne's Sentencing

March 2, 2010 By:
Court Fire Postpones Lil Wayne's Sentencing

Lil Wayne is a free man for another day! His sentencing has been postponed yet again. This time, it's due to a courthouse fire.

According to the Associated Press, a fire broke out in the basement of Manhattan Criminal Court building at 10:29 AM ET, sending smoke throughout the building and causing an evacuation.

The fire was reportedly under control by noon today but according to Lil Wayne's attorney, the courthouse has been shut down for the rest of the day. This is the second delay for Weezy--the first was for the numerous dental surgeries he needed done before serving his time.

Even then the judge seemed anxious to get the rapper started. "I don't want this to get pushed back anymore," Judge Solomon told the rapper's lawyer during his last appearance. "This is the last adjournment."

Despite the two delays, Weezy seems ready for his sentence. Lil Wayne has been working hard in recent weeks to complete a number of videos and songs to stay relevant during his physical absence.

He's definitely not someone we could easily forget about--even if he is in prison for a whole year!