Lil Kim Wants You to Buy Her a $7,000 Stroller

May 15, 2014 By:
Lil Kim Wants You to Buy Her a $7,000 Stroller
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File this under, EXTREMELY TACKY and also WHAT but mostly OH HELL NO.

Lil Kim, the rapper, is pregnant and has reached out to her fans to buy her gifts for her unborn child.

She’s asking for all sorts of insanely expensive items like strollers and cribs and dressers, including a $900 leather car seat, oh and THIS $7,000 STROLLER!

Silver Cross Baby


She’s registered at TIFFANY'S for goodness sake!


The call for gifts was posted on her Instagram, but it was taken down following the BACKLASH.

Will you be sending an overpriced baby gift to a celebrity that you don’t personally know? Or do you think Kimberly Jones’ request is 100% tacky?