What Was Going On Last Night On Life?

November 8, 2007 By:
What Was Going On Last Night On Life?

I'm not even sure what happened on Life last night. At
First, it seemed like what happened was flat-out hate
crime at a gas station against Persians, but further
investigation revealed that the Persian victims--nice
business students from USC--were drug dealers.

This made them targets for the gas station owner's son and his "surf rat" friends who live in a van. Up until this
point, I was following along.

Then, they threw me the
hot potato: the gas station owner was dating one of
the young Persians and the son was jealous that the
guy had good grades, a stable family and his hot mom's
love. Life has taken all the most exciting things and
thrown them together in a pretty obvious attempt to
win people over but in the end, doesn't it come off as
a little schizophrenic?