Life: Wednesday Recap

November 2, 2007 By:
Life: Wednesday Recap

Dani started going to AA. Before the meeting, she's in a bar across the street (not a good start to your first AA meeting) and she meets a guy, Rick Larson, who is also at the meeting. When Rick goes up to talk
at AA, he makes comments that lead Dani to believe that he might have raped someone.

Dani makes a pretty large leap to reach this conclusion, but she turns out to be right. Dani and Charlie track down Larson's
victim and use her testimony to put the guy behind bars, but he posts bail and comes to Dani's house. Once there, he steals her gun and makes her drink half a bottle of vodka at gunpoint, although it's not really clear what his plan was after getting her really drunk. Maybe he wanted her to die of alcohol poisoning?

I find Dani to be a really interesting character. She goes to AA, she did a lot of drugs, she lost her boyfriend and her job as a result of her addictions. It's going to be interesting to see if these elements get swept under the rug or continue to be present throughout the show's season.