Liam Neeson Strips Down To Pink Briefs

October 2, 2012 By:
Liam Neeson Strips Down To Pink Briefs

Liam Neeson, the 60-year-old actor from Taken 2, gets nearly naked on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” To the baby boomers and everyone’s moms…you’re welcome.

Ellen introduced her guest by saying, “Liam come out,” and my heart momentarily skipped a beat because I thought Liam Hemsworth was going to get shirtless and then Liam Neeson walks out and I was like “uggghh.”

BUT before you change the channel (or close the web browser), Liam’s nakedness was for charity!

Liam stripped down for a dunk tank and if the lucky audience member could throw a ball at the target and Liam got dunked with water, $10,000 would go to Ellen-For-The-Cure as Ellen is raising money for breast cancer research all week.

Here’s how it went down.

Liam [tugging at his robe]: If I take this off, does the $10,000 become $20,000?

Ellen: I’ll make that happen.

Liam: What if I take this underwear off?

Ellen: Then we get fined.

Then Liam gets onto the chair in the dunk tank in nothing but his pink underwear and Ellen jokes, “If someone is just tuning in, you look naked in there!”

He really did look naked. I'm still trying to pretend it's Liam Hemsworth.

If Liam tickles your fancy, watch the hilarity unfold here: