WTF: Liam Hemsworth Hits On Emma Watson, Oprah Has "Tig Ol' Bitties"

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WTF: Liam Hemsworth Hits On Emma Watson, Oprah Has
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Liam Hemsworth was actually turning his charm on for Emma Watson?! [Hollyscoop]

Terrence Howard on working with Oprah Winfrey: Loves her "Tig Ol' Bitties." [YouTube]

Justin Bieber had one of the longest WTF weeks in a while: Twitter rants, paparazzi shouting matches, concert delays, shirtless selfies, and more. [People]

Lily Allen says she'll slaughter a pig for charity. Cute? OR TERRIFYING? [Toronto Sun]

Russell Crowe is convinced he caught a UFO on camera, but scientists aren't, which we're sure he'll find a way to conspiracy theorize around. [Universe Today]

Here's a story to FOCUS on. Elton John demands that he have a separate hotel room for all his glasses. Not just that, the room needs to be set at exactly 60 degrees. Man loves his glasses. [E!]

Scientific proof Sarah Jessica Parker isn't human. All that Jimmy Choo wearing "created" new bones in her feet. [Huffington Post]