Liam Hemsworth Wants Miley Cyrus Back!

December 4, 2013 By:
Liam Hemsworth Wants Miley Cyrus Back!
Image By: Getty Images / Jason Merritt

Oh, shut your mouth! Apparently Liam Hemsworth is having breakup remorse. He has decided that he made a mistake when he pulled the plug on his relationship with Miley Cyrus and now he wants her back!

Us Weekly (who generally prints DA TRUTH) said Miley and Liam are “flirty” texting one another and have even met up once in LA.

“He pushed to get in touch. They are talking like they did when they were together,” said the source.

Despite the fact that Miley bawls like a baby whenever she sings “Wrecking Ball” which is most definitely about Liam, the source said SHE’S not sure if she wants HIM back.

Errr, what? Has she SEEN his face? Has she even seen what his face and his bare torso looks like? Do we need to remind her?

“She’s confused about how she feels. He’s telling friends he misses her,” added the source. “[For Liam] the attraction hasn’t gone away. He still has feelings.”

Missing someone is one thing, but please don’t let these two get back together. It would be way too annoying.