Liam Hemsworth Concerned About Miley's Hard Partying

March 22, 2012 By:
Liam Hemsworth Concerned About Miley's Hard Partying

Maybe he was too busy watching ‘Hannah Montana’ reruns, but apparently, Liam Hemsworth has now realized that Miley Cyrus is a party girl.

The Hunger Games star has been dating Miley on and off for a long time, but he’s now reportedly concerned about her hard partying.

"She gets pretty crazy," a source tells Us Weekly of Cyrus, 19. "She's always out in skimpy outfits and writhing on Liam . . . Sometimes he looks embarrassed for her."

Another insider claims that while Liam loves Miley’s “fun-loving side,” (Read: Weed-smoking and fallacio jokes) he also “gets concerned too.”

Meanwhile, Miley is in full-blown (no pun intended) support mode for her actor boyfriend. If she hasn’t already, Miley recently said she “can’t wait” to see The Hunger Games:

"I've only read through them with Liam when he was working on [the movie]," Cyrus told MTV News. "I tried to keep it pretty separate and not turn myself into too much of a fan. But it's going to be hard probably; after watching this film, I'm going to be dying to see the next two. But I have to try and keep my cool!"

There’s a specific scene Miley has in mind to watch, and Liam’s not even in it.

"There's this scene with [lead actress Jennifer Lawrence] when she comes out in this amazing dress when they present her; that's the one thing I know," said Cyrus. "I know [the whole movie] is not about that, but I can't wait to see that part!”