Liam Has Boys' Night at Miley's House Without Her

April 1, 2013 By:
Liam Has Boys' Night at Miley's House Without Her

More news has arrived from what is becoming the longest makeup/breakup in Hollywood history.

We’re talking, of course, of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. The latest being that the Hunger Games star had a party with his dude friends at her house… without her.

The endlessly longwinded gossip source that is the Daily Mail has details on what went down, while not-so-subtly filling in the blanks.

Liam was spotted leaving the Home Depot in Hollywood along with a ragtag bunch of preppy male acquaintances. The boys tugged supplies for a keg party—a folding table, rubber tubing and funnels. In other words, standard fixtures for the most typically obnoxious frat house rager you wish you'd never gone to.

Meanwhile, Miley spent the weekend working. As she explains on Twitter, the songstress remains “FOCUSED ON MUSIC & MUSIC ALONE.”

According to any information we can gather, the singer is much more invested in the recording studio than with her home life. She even felt the need to tell Khloe Kardashian about it.

"@KhloeKardashian @kendalljenner in da studdddio all night #allworknoplay," she wrote, responding to a message from the reality star. 

When we last checked in with the couple they were reportedly still fighting post reported Liam cheating scandal, not that that’s necessarily a problem per say.

“Neither of them have any intention of walking away,” a source tells OK! magazine. “What people don’t realize is, these two are just one of those couples who fight like cats and dogs. All their friends have seen them split up and get back together so many times.”