Levi Johnston Seeks Fame in LA

June 18, 2009 By:
Levi Johnston Seeks Fame in LA

Levi Johnston just can’t get enough of his 15 minutes of fame. As if he didn’t already have his chance by getting the Vice Presidential candidate’s daughter pregnant, now he wants to be a “star.” Get in line, Levi!

According to People, Levi isn’t just a deadbeat teenage dad, he’s now an aspiring model and actor. We have to say, we were pretty impressed with his acting skills during the Republican National Convention, pretending to be in love with Bristol.

Levi even has a manager! His name is Tank Jones, and says his client is well on his way to superstardom. Jones says, "There's offers on the table for a little bit of everything – sitcom appearances, a reality show, some modeling. We haven't signed anything, but there's offers."

Jones declined to give specific details, probably because there aren’t any. This manager character seems like he’s a great influence, saying, “It's not like he can go and get a normal job now. Because of all the publicity. The whole interviewing thing, and red carpet and paparazzi – he still hasn't gotten comfortable with it, but what else does he have? Can he go work at McDonald's? ... He wants to take care of his son financially."

So becoming an actor and model, living far far away from your infant son who lives in Alaska seems like the logical answer. Tank Jones also wants Levi to ditch his name in honor of something more respectable—“Ricky Hollywood.” Jones tells People, "We came up with an alter ego. As in, 'Ricky Hollywood would iron his shirt.' "

Sounds like “Ricky” is about to get a reality check when he finally makes it to Hollywood. This poor kid, whatever his name is now, needs to focus on getting his high school diploma, and getting a regular job if he’s really worried about providing for his child.