Levi Johnston: Bristol is a Famewhore Just Like Me

August 27, 2010 By:
Levi Johnston: Bristol is a Famewhore Just Like Me

Levi Johnston claims that

Bristol Palin is just as much of a famewhore as he is and we couldn't agree more.

Levi was on the CBS Early Show this morning where he talked about his relationship with Bristol and Sarah Palin. He says that he doesn't really regret anything, but apologizing to Sarah Palin.

"I don't really regret anything," Johnston said. "But the only thing I wish I wouldn't have done is to put out that apology [to Palin and the Palin family]."

"'Cause it kind of makes me sound like a liar. And I've never lied about anything. So that's probably the only thing. The rest of the stuff I can live with."

He says that the reason he did apologize was to make Bristol happy.

As for his ex-fiance he says, "I don't think I'm any more obsessed with making a career out of this than she is," he said on Friday. "Obviously she's doing Dancing with the Stars. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with any of it. I'm just taking it as it comes."

We have a great idea. Why don't all these people just disappear! We don't need more of these famewhores in Hollywood.