YouTube Video Inspired Leo's Insane Drug Scene in 'Wolf of Wall St'

January 13, 2014 By:
YouTube Video Inspired Leo's Insane Drug Scene in 'Wolf of Wall St'

Leonardo DiCaprio won the Best Actor in a Motion Picture—Musical or Comedy trophy last night for his performance in The Wolf of Wall Street and for a damn good reason. The guy knows how to channel belligerently drunk like no other actor of his generation—NO OTHER.

At the 2014 Golden Globes red carpet last night, Wolf of Wall Street producers told Hollyscoop where Leo found inspiration for his hot mess of a character: the viral YouTube video “The Drunkest Man in the World.”

“Leo commonly brings up that he saw that during the filming of Wall Street,” producer Joey McFarland revealed, “and it definitely gave him some inspiration. It definitely encouraged and inspired him to.”

“[The video] is sad, but funny at the same time and it gave [Leo] the motivations to carry out that scene.”

While it’s no question that Leo lived up to the real-life vulture, Jordan Belfort, which the film is based on, how does Leo stack up with the film’s unsung hero, The Drunkest Man in the World?

They definitely squirm along the floor the same way.

Because of that serious problem they have with keeping their balance.

“Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”