These Behind-the-Scenes ‘Titanic’ Candids Are Too Much

February 4, 2014 By:
These Behind-the-Scenes ‘Titanic’ Candids Are Too Much

Everyone’s seen Titanic. All 7.046 billion people on the planet.

It’s one of those rare movies we all either watched and loved on our own, or were forced to by a mother with an unhealthy crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. Regardless, we can all agree you’ve never seen Titanic like this before.

Check out these candid behind-the-scenes stills from the juggernaut film that are so cute, they’re basically too much to handle.


Kate Winslet being routinely adorable.


Leo being routinely adorable.


Kate and Leo being routinely adorable together and officially too cute for this ship.


Kate and Leo shooting that famous scene.


O Billy Zane, where art thou?


Definitive proof those water scenes were as punishing as they looked on screen.