Report: Leonardo DiCaprio is Dating a Model Now

October 7, 2011 By:
Report: Leonardo DiCaprio is Dating a Model Now

I know you were all worried if Leonardo DiCaprio would find love again after his split with Blake Lively. You probably lost a lot of sleep. Well, not to worry, people, he's already got a new lady in his life. Maybe.

Leonardo and Blake split just days ago, and reports are circulating that both have already moved on. Blake is rumored to be hooking up with Ryan Reynolds, who's been linked to everyone from Olivia Wilde to Sandra Bullock. Not to be outdone by his newly departed girlfriend, Leo is now reportedly dating 21 year-old model, Alyce Crawford. Crawford appeared in the 2008 season of America's Next Top Model and is shooting The Great Gatsby with DiCaprio in Sydney.

Leo apparently fell for her while they were shooting, and the two started shacking up at the nearby Star hotel. DiCaprio's camp says the two aren't dating, though, and are "just friends."

A source told, "He texts her when he wants to see her, and they hook up a few times a week."

The source continues: "They've mostly been meeting up during the week. He does other things on weekends."

Okay, so it's a week-only type of relationship. One way to tell a dude's not that into you? "He does other things on weekends."

“She's been to The Star to visit, but he is too smart to be seen with her in public."

Leo and Blake were first spotted together in public during the Cannes Film Festival and dated for five months before eventually calling it quits.

When asked about her connection to Leo, Alyce said:

"We have a lot of mutual friends and he seems really nice. We're just friends.”

DiCaprio has a thing for models. Before Blake, he dated Sports Illustrated covergirl Bar Refaeli and Victoria's Secret supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Can't really blame the guy.

Blake was spotted with Ryan Reynolds in Boston over the weekend. The two costarred in the Green Latntern. The pair were spotted taking an Amtrak train from NYC to Boston, where Reynolds is currently filming R.I.P.D.

"Blake was late and almost missed the train," a passenger said. "The conductor didn't recognize her at first because she had a hat on."