New 'The Great Gatsby' Movie Trailer

December 20, 2012 By:
New 'The Great Gatsby' Movie Trailer

“I am the son of some very wealthy people,” reads Leonardo DiCaprio in a balance of swag and sinister that only the L.A.-born stallion could pull off. 

“Sadly, they’re all dead now.”

After Warner Bros yanked the release of The Great Gatsby from it’s Christmas box office lineup, fans like us at Hollyscoop felt as if Santa had left them a stocking full of stinking coal. 

And, while the sting of that disappointment has yet to completely fade, there’s a little incentive to keep us smiling and re-ignite our anticipation for this sure-to-be megahit.

With this spanking new, two and a half minute tease as proof, it’s hard to stay angry at a project that looks this freakin’ good.

So, Merry Christmas, y’all… Here’s Trailer No. 2 for The Great Gatsby. Enjoy!