Leonardo DiCaprio Was Mistaken for a Jewelry Thief

September 10, 2011 By:
Leonardo DiCaprio Was Mistaken for a Jewelry Thief

Most women fantasize about Leonardo DiCaprio ravishing them as a dashing, dangerous jewel thief and—oh, you don’t have that fantasy?

Ok, on with the story, then.

An Australian jewelry store clerk was terrified when she thought she was being held up by a man in a hoodie, cap and sunglasses. Turns out that man was none other than Leonardo DiCaprio.

Linda works at the Family Jewels Shop in Sydney and says she panicked when two large men walked into her store and then stood at the door, guarding it. That’s when Leo entered. Scared that she was about to be robbed, Linda sent a customer next door to get the owner of the shop.

“The customer actually leaned in and said, ‘Do you want me to call the police?’” the owner, Kane Kelfken recalled. “So she rushed in next door, and said, you know, ‘there might be a hold up next door’.”

Once the owner got there, Linda realized it wasn’t a thief but Departed star Leonardo DiCaprio—who bought a $1600 necklace. So it turns out the store is the one robbing people.

The necklace is actually a Nepalse antique made with lapis lazuli and coral.

Kelfken added that the actor was “very friendly.”

So could he be buying the pricey piece of jewelry for his new gal, Blake Lively? The answer is…no. That was easy. According to the Kelfken, he was picking out the piece for his mom.

But speaking of Leo’s ladylove, the two have been going on strong since his split with Bar Rafaeli. Blake recently flew to Australia for her birthday to meet up with her boyfriend, who is there filming The Great Gatsby.

They had dinner at Aria, seated next to a table the overlooked Sydey Harbor.

A witness said of the couple: "[Blake] looked gorgeous and they looked very much like a couple. They seemed to be having a really nice time and were definitely enjoying the view."

Blake and Leo have been linked since the 64th Cannes Film Festival, when they were spotted on a slew of yacht-dates.

Then in June, Lively and Dicaprio visited Disneyland together with some friends. And nothing says “serious” like the Happiest Place on Earth. They’re still calling Disneyland that, right? It hasn’t become the Pricest Place on Earth yet, has it? Alright, cool.

During the summer, there were rumors that the pair went their separate ways, but they’ve been squashing those left and right. Back in August, they were seen riding bikes together in New York City. Yes, bikes!