Leonardo DiCaprio Talks About Having Kids

February 3, 2010 By:
Leonardo DiCaprio Talks About Having Kids

Just about any woman on the planet would give their left arm to be Leonardo DiCaprio's baby mama. While he remains super focused on his career, Leo admits his priorities may change eventually.

He told Germany’s OK! magazine: “I’m not that old, my biological clock isn’t ticking yet. I’d like to leave it to fate if and when I’m going to be a father. A part of me has too many professional plans to even seriously consider it. When I see the children in my family though, the idea of having children doesn’t seem too far-fetched.”

While Leonardo’s main focus is his career, he admits life on the road and movie sets can get quite lonely.

He explained: “In this business nothing is as dangerous and as feared as loneliness. You shoot films in the most remote areas of the world; you’re separated from your family and your friends. And at some point you’re in your hotel room looking at yourself in the mirror and you realize how lonely you are and how far you are from leading a normal life. That is quite a punch in the gut.”

So how does Hollywood's most eligible bachelor deal with loneliness? “Apart from my phone bill soaring? I generally concentrate on work and push any feelings of yearning away.”

Oh Leo, you're going to make some woman very happy one day. Who would you like to see Leo date?