Leonardo DiCaprio Parties With a Pussycat Doll

July 28, 2009 By:
Leonardo DiCaprio Parties With a Pussycat Doll

We haven't heard much about Leonardo DiCaprio lately, but it may be because he's been traveling and enjoying the good life.

Just this past weekend Leo was spotted at Cartier International Polo day in Windsor and even partied with Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts in London afterwards.

A source said: "Leonardo came in through the back and was immediately directed towards his private table. He was swarmed by beautiful ladies, including Ashley. He spent about two hours getting to know his new friends."

Leo eventually decided to move on to exclusive nightspot Whisky Mist, where he spent over $10,000 on champagne for all the gorgeous women he was accompanied by.

The source added: "Leonardo's table was surrounded by some of the girls he had met at the polo. But he seemed more interested in talking to Ashley than anyone else and the pair were getting on really well."

Leo's been partying it up in London for over a week now, so all you locals should keep an eye out for him. You never know, you could be one of the gorgeous women he buys champagne for!