Leonardo DiCaprio On Challenging 'Revolutionary Road' Character

January 9, 2009 By:
Leonardo DiCaprio On Challenging 'Revolutionary Road' Character

Award show season is in full swing and movies like Revolutionary Road are creating a lot of buzz for Leonardo DiCaprio and his co-star
Kate Winslet.

Leo already has three Oscar nominations under his belt, while his co-star Kate has been nominated five times. Both have gone to the Academy Awards with hopes of talking home an Oscar, but were left disappointed. Could 2009 be their year?

Hollyscoop caught up with Leo at the 20th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival on Tuesday to get the scoop on his movie 'Revolutionary Road' and the challenge of playing Frank Wheeler.

"It was a huge challenge to take on this novel by Richard Yates. It's one of the more complex novels I've ever read in my life. So we needed to be there for each other," Leo told Hollyscoop exclusively.

He added, "We're really excited, this movie was like doing theater. We're getting the ensemble award tonight. I think all of us as actors tried to support each other as best as we possibly could, while doing this pretty harsh material."

Speaking about a possible Oscar nomination for his role in 'Revolutionary Road' Leo told Hollyscoop: "We'll see what happens. We do these movies and we work as hard as we can and it's left up to everyone else." If it were up to us, Leo would already have three Oscars on his mantle. 2009 has to be his year, don't you agree?

Check out our exclusive interview with Leo at the Palm Springs Film Festival below...