Leonardo DiCaprio Named As ‘Fifty Shades’ Replacement

October 16, 2013 By:
Leonardo DiCaprio Named As ‘Fifty Shades’ Replacement
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As we’ve learned this week, Jamie Dornan is reportedly the latest frontrunner to rise to the top of the shortlist as Christian Grey 2.0 following the film’s abrupt exit by Charlie Hunnam.

But that hasn’t stopped everyone from throwing every name in Hollywood around when it comes to the ring of Grey hopefuls.

Consider Oscar-winning director Oliver who recently spoke with the Wall Street Journal regarding the Fifty Shades of Grey shake up. In his mind the fastest way to solve all the film’s woes is to get Leonardo DiCaprio in the mix.

“He’d make a fortune,” Oliver simply said of Leo as his first choice. Despite the fact that Leo’s 10 years the character’s senior, the dedicated actor can pretty much turn any film into something potentially engaging.