Leonardo DiCaprio Is The Most Powerful Man In The World in J.Edgar

October 7, 2011 By:
Leonardo DiCaprio Is The Most Powerful Man In The World in J.Edgar

Damn. Have you seen the poster for the Leonardo DiCaprio's new movie, "J. Edgar"? That is some serious facial emotion. If they gave out Oscars based on movie posters alone, Leo would sweep every category.

Leo plays J. Edgar Hoover himself, this film is the true-life story of the man who was the first ever head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for almost 50 years. "J. Edgar" follows his controversial career and personal life, known for sometimes using illegal methods to collect evidence and blackmailing the nations leaders. It is because of J. Edgar's tenure that FBI directors are now limited to 10-year terms.

"J. Edgar" was written by Dustin Lance Black, who wrote "Milk," Directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Leo DiCaprio?!!?! Like, should there even be an Oscar ceremony this year or should they just have a trailer full of Academy Awards statues delivered to these three guys homes with a note that says, "Thanks for sweeping the awards this year, we saved a lot of money not having to hire a host! - The Academy."

The film's tagline is "J. Edgar: The Most Powerful Man In The World," and the last line in the trailer uttered by Leo is "Even great men can be corrupted."

This dark twisted biopic looks awesome, but you really just have to say "The new Leonardo DiCaprio film" and people will go.

Starring opposite Leo is Naomi Watts who plays his secretary and maybe his love interest? The lovely Judi Dench plays his mother, who at her death absolutely crushes Leo's character. But the actor I'm most excited to see is Armie Harmer (aka the hot rowing team twins from "The Social Network." Yah, he's just one guy, not actually a twin).

Armie plays Clyde Tolson, J. Edgar's top assistant and closest confidant. Over the years there were rumors that these two men were gay, but after the actual FBI put up a fuss when they heard the film was being made, Clint Eastwood promised that the movie wouldn't bring up the Hoover-and-Tolson are gay rumors.

"Please rest assured that we do not give any credence to cross-dressing allegations made by Susan Rosenstiel, nor do we intend to portray an open homosexual relationship between Mr. Hoover and Clyde Tolson," says Eastwood in a statement.

While this film already looks poised for a critical and commercial hit, Leo says he tries not to pay attention to which of his films are box office successes, "Throughout my career, I never knew which movies of mine made money and which didn't," Leo tells the October issue of GQ, "When 'Titanic' came out, people would say, 'Do you realize what a success this is?' The [money] stuff never mattered to me until I was into my thirties and go interested in producing."